Easy DIY Tote Bag

30-09-2020 21:50

With a deep main compartment and six exterior pockets, there’s no shortage of storage in this DIY tote. The pockets of this easy-to-sew bag are cleverly formed when the straps are stitched on—no additional sewing necessary. Choose your favorite patterned fabric and we'll show you how to sew a bag in just five steps. This is a great sewing project for beginners. | sewing tutorials videos bags simple

Learn how to sew this basic face mask in only 10 minutes. Uses very minimal supplies and easy for the absolute beginner sewist! | sewing tutorials videos bags simple

How to sew a crossbody, circle purse with this simple, beginner sewing pattern. This easy design is great for day to day. When you are done, you'll know how to sew in a zipper, add exterior pockets, and how to make purse straps! Click through for the full tutorial, written instructions, and step by step video. | sewing tutorials videos bags simple

Knitting Project Bag PDF PATTERN. This is a very cute Wall Basket in 2sizes Small Basket + Medium! These are quick and easy to make to follow step-by-step instructions + photos. Organize your spaces by sewing storage bags to hold all the things! There is a small loop at the back so you can hang your baskets too. These baskets are perfect for so many things! Such as sewing tools, yarns, toys, fall accessories, etc. | sewing tutorials videos bags simple

Learn how to make a DIY hand sanitizer holder with our quick and easy sewing tutorial! This sewing project takes around an hour to complete and this useful craft is a great way to make sure you can always wash your hands on the go! | sewing tutorials videos bags simple

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